Jelise Keating -
Communication Specialist

I would describe myself as a serving leader. The best way to lead is to first know what it means to authentically serve others. Aside from serving others I am a creator and collector. Through various forms of art and a collection of books, instruments, and cameras I express who I am and explore the world around me.

Throughout my life I have sought to understand myself more as well as the behaviour, emotions, and mentality of others. These interests brought me to Laurentian University where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. As a Psychology Major, I am passionate about helping others find appreciation for the lessons of the past, their constant growth in the present, and the beauty of an unknown future. In my pursuit of more knowledge and understanding I am grateful for the opportunity to be working with Future North. As I discover more ways of serving the community, I aim to be a part of the change that I would like to see in the world. I look forward to serving you or serving with you!