Keanna Duguay -
Community Engagement Coordinator

Edgy and different; two words that are often used to describe me. I can only assume that that is because I have a shaved-head, tattoos, and piercings. On the other hand, I would describe myself as a self-proclaimed book worm and homebody – I have spent a lot of time trying to understand people and their stories. My early love (and obsession) of reading led me towards an education in psychology. This was a natural progression from my already existing desire to understand behaviours and to help those around me. My passion for educating myself on topics pertaining to social justice issues, quickly became a source of inspiration. That is one of the many reasons that I am currently completing my Master of Arts, in Counselling Psychology.

As a francophone student, I had an underwhelming experience. The lack of French course offerings in my program caused a sense of missed learning opportunity. I am proud that I pursued my undergrad in the French language and that I earned a certificate of bilingualism. However, that did not make finding a sustainable career in my field any easier. I am often told that I lack the years of applied experience as I am too young. I earned an Honors Degree, but I have been overlooked because of my age. I recognize my privilege and the many barriers that I did not have to face as a youth. As the Community Engagement Coordinator I am motivated to make a change for youth (like myself). We deserve to be heard and we deserve to be in decision making positions – our expertise matters and our voices are important.