Nicole Minialoff -
Program Manager

As the Program Manager for Future North, I have the unique opportunity to provide mentorship and support for youth in the district to dive into community work and initiate systems change. As a teen, I was not very engaged in my education; I took two years off after high school to try to figure out what I wanted to do with my future and it was through travel, work and exploration that I discovered a pathway for myself that led me to working in the community and striving for systemic change.

My family has tangled roots- we are settlers with lost identities who have traversed three generations of addictions and trauma. I was the first one in my family to go to post-secondary and actually graduate.  It feels good to now say that I have a college diploma in Child and Youth Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies. I was privileged to never have to endure poverty or racism as a youth, but I know that so many young people are coming out of generations of addictions and trauma compacted with their daily struggle for survival and acceptance from society. It is with this lens that I strive to provide the tools and doorways for youth to break through the barriers in society and blaze a new path.