Keanna Duguay -
Community Engagement Coordinator

Keanna (She/Her/Elle) is an intersectional feminist that has a passion for learning. Her lifelong desire to better understand the lived experiences of others and the complexities of interpersonal relationships, evolved into her pursuing an education in psychology. Keanna graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Honors Specialization in Psychology with a Thesis and a certificate of bilingualism in 2021 at Laurentian University. Currently, she is a Masters of Arts, Counseling Psychology student at Yorkville University. Keanna is working towards becoming a Registered Psychotherapist, to one day provide counseling and psychotherapy services to those in her community.   

Stemming from her innate desire to gain knowledge, Keanna has always been a voracious reader that has become increasingly passionate about ethical research. As such, she is an effective communicator that prioritizes intentional language, critical thinking and problem solving. Her determination, self-efficacy and conscientiousness are qualities that have enabled her skills, as well as her practice of self-awareness to address her areas of growth. As a proud mom to (soon to be) two, Keanna is focused on raising autonomous, kind humans that seek justice, equity, and inclusion whilst recognizing their own worth. She strives to lead by example.

As a youth herself, Keanna has had to overcome many challenges in her personal, academic, and professional life due age-based misconceptions. She is a strong believer that we can learn and grow from the perspectives of youth because age does not always equal wisdom. Hence her work at Future North is dedicated to supporting youth to have their voices heard and valued.