Getting things done

Apr 1, 2022 | BY YOUTH FOR YOUTH, Youth Partners

Written by: Charles Nyabeze

Projects, papers, groceries, workout, GTD. Getting things done. Getting things done is the age-old struggle that many of us face day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. What is GTD, why is it important, how can we get better at getting things done, and what tools can you use? These pressing questions will all be answered in the coming paragraphs.

What is GTD?

Let’s get right into it! What is GTD? GTD or Getting Things Done is a system of getting tasks done effectively while doing them efficiently. GTD greatly helps us keep up with tasks and get things done on time.

Why is it important?

The purpose of GTD and the methods behind it seem pretty self-explanatory, getting things done, but there is more to the picture. The main idea behind it is getting things done properly, this means tying in time management skills, prioritization, organization, and commitment to get things done in a steady and effective manner. Imagine you have a full list of things to do in a day, all ranging in importance and time, how do you decide what to do first? This is where GTD comes in. The ability to organize and schedule these tasks throughout days, weeks, and months is the bread and butter of getting things done.

How can we get better at GTD?

So how can we get better at this? As mentioned before there are many different skills that all tie into being effective at getting things done. There is no one size fits all approach. To get better at this skill we simply need to practice and reflect on where we need to improve daily. Using GTD software (mentioned below), using whiteboards, and using calendars to schedule and organize your task is also super helpful in upgrading this formidable skill.

What are some tools we can use?

As mentioned previously there are a lot of software’s that are created to specifically help with GTD. My favorite choices are:

  1.  Notion
  2.  Fiveable-Hours
  3.  Calendar – Google
  4.  Asana
  5.  Monday
  6.  Trello

In closing, GTD is one of the most important and formidable skills you can learn. From school to university to a job, learning how to get things done effectively helps everywhere in life. As with every key skill in life, practice is always needed. Some helpful resources for you to check out to help learn more about this would be todoist, entrepreneur, and the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. If you have any questions or are looking for more support in your employment or educational journey make sure to reach out to the team at Future North. See you next time!