The effects of COVID-19 have been felt worldwide, and here in the Districts of Sudbury-Manitoulin, we have not been immune to those effects.

In our on-going conversations with youth, we keep hearing that despite all the negativity and divisiveness, there is still so much good and many reasons to be hopeful. We want to spread this message everywhere! Which is where the idea for a campaign centred around Hope comes in.

This campaign is one of Hope, and looking forward with optimism. We are going to shine a spotlight on our youth, and bring light to the incredible youth we have right here in our community. As we have been so inspired by our youth colleagues, we are going to bring that feeling forward and share it with the community.


will focus on the following themes: hope, community pride, cultural celebration and the importance of youth leadership and youth engagement.

There are so many reasons to be hopeful for the future with our youth leading the way.

“Be empowered by your differences. Never be ashamed of your culture. It is what makes you unique.”

Kerry Yang, 17

Sudbury/first-generation Chinese immigrant. Passionate, curious, driven

“To predict a better future for ourselves we have to create it. Do whatever you can to help your community right now.”

Aminat Lawal, 17

Lagos, Nigeria / New Sudbury. Genuine, passionate and outgoing

“Embrace who you are. Don’t waste energy thinking about how others perceive you. You’ve got this.”

Nadia Hamada, 18

Sorowako, Indonesia / New Sudbury. Reserved, witty, observant

“I want to create spaces and eliminate barriers for youth to explore their culture.”

Nimkiinaapkigaans Autumn Lewis, 26

Mukwa Dodem Wikwemikong n'Doonjibah miinwaa N'Swakamok

“I am here to represent my people and my community. I am from Sudbury. I am from Egypt. I am from Kuwait. I am all of these places.”

Ahmed Mohamed, 16

Egyptian-Canadian. Tenacious, Confident, Ambitious

How To Get Involved

HOPE | ESPOIR is a call to action for all community members to share their messages of hope, and their personal aspirations toward making a difference in our community.


Our hope is to get the entire city involved! We could all use a sprinkle of optimism these days, with our youth leading the way.


Help us spread the optimism by joining our mission. Share your message of hope using the #brighterdaysahead.

Or become a sponsor. To view the Sponsorship Guide, click here.