As a community we need a Future North

Mar 6, 2024 | Future North’s Impact, Stories from You

My first introduction to Future North, thanks to Nicole, was listening to youth researchers share their findings on the experiences of BIPOC students in our secondary schools. The information had critical pieces to assist school staff to be in a better position to become allies for young people. The data was clear, the experiences were having an impact on their ability to reach their full potential.

They shared their findings with the VTRA Steering Committee and from there a few of the partners invited them to share with their organizations. I set up an opportunity for them to present to a cohort at Greater Sudbury Police Service.

It takes courage to put out information that some would prefer not to hear. Next steps, getting into the schools to build on their efforts. This is how change becomes reality.

This past year I participated on one of their working committees to provide opportunities for young people to hear stories from a variety of folks to learn and understand life’s journey is not a straight line.

There are times when young people turn to their elders for listening ears and guidance. There are times when young people turn to their ‘own’ for listening ears and guidance. Age is not the determining factor, rather the building of trust and belief being who you are is enough.

Future North does that. The number of young people I met through Future North are demonstrating leadership today, commitment today, belief tomorrow is possible – today. As a community we need a Future North to be the place where young people can go to be mentored, accepted, and then they become the mentors and the acceptors.