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Future North creates and shares tools to help organizations, clubs, groups and individuals succeed in youth engagement. Our Youth Engagement Toolkit is featured on YouthREX (Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange) as a key tool.


Future North Dictionary: With all of this talk about “collective impact” and “youth engagement”, we thought it would be helpful to have a Dictionary of the terms we use here at Future North. If you think we have missed something and want to make a suggestion for a question or definition, click on “Contact Us” and let us know!

Youth Engagement Toolkit: The purpose of this document is to provide resources and guidelines Future North adheres to in order to create meaningful youth engagement strategies. Future North recognizes that there is an innumerable amount of resources on youth engagement strategies and therefore this document does not recreate these strategies but highlights some frameworks and best practices for youth-serving agencies.


Redefining Success: Future North has successfully started the conversation around redefining what success is and the journey to success for our community’s youth. We showed how each individual’s pathway to success is not always linear or what they expect. We challenged the idea that success is a destination and there is only one way to achieve it. In the end, the overall definition of success was challenged, as we discovered the definition of success is perceived differently by everyone.

Culture of the North: BIPOC Youth Taking Action is a 2-phase youth-led project supported by Future North. The project initially sought to gain insight into the cultural education experiences of students who self-identified as Black, Indigenous, [and] People of Colour (BIPOC) in high schools within the Sudbury-Manitoulin district. The findings from Phase 1 of COTN recommended and informed the development of Equity Action Teams within two high schools. These teams focused on increasing youth-led multicultural education opportunities to create a more inclusive environment.

On the Road/En Route was developed as a post-COVID initiative to connect communities and understand the different needs across the districts of Sudbury-Manitoulin. This project began at the end of summer in 2021 and became a three-day district-wide road trip. From Copper Cliff to Little Current and everywhere in between the journey began, read more to find out how it transformed into an even bigger endeavour.


Plan on a Page: Future North was developed as part of a 5-year Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) initiative funded by the Federal Youth Employment Skills Strategy (YESS) strategy and Tamarack Institute (2019-2024). This Plan on a Page outlines the areas of focus and many partnerships established through our collective impact model.