Future North’s impact is far from miniscule

Mar 6, 2024 | Future North’s Impact, Stories from You

Written by: Halley Baker

Hello! My name is Halley Baker. I am currently finishing up my last year of my BA in Equity, Diversity and Human Rights at Laurentian University and come September I will begin my first year of Law School. 

The impact Future North made on my life was far from minuscule. Future North not only granted me the amazing privilege to advocate for the wellbeing of youth in my community. They also granted me the unique position to be witness to the gaps in our social services, specifically when servicing our youth. I think Future North is an initiative that is paramount to the development and success of youth within the community. Prior to my involvement with Future North I was unaware of what services were offered in my community, and for what I did know, I still didn’t understand how and where to even access them. Future North eased my journey to reclaiming, improving and developing my mental health and personal advocacy skills. I now understand what is offered to me, when I may need to use this service and how I am to access it. With this I have also become aware of what needs to be done to better our community for our youth. Without Future North I would not be the advocate, student and person I am today.