Future North’s role in youth development

Mar 6, 2024 | Future North’s Impact, Stories from You

Written by: Asma Bilgasem, Youth Expert Panel member

My name is Asma Bilgasem and I’m in my third year of Biomedical Biology at Laurentian University. I’ve been on the Youth Expert Panel at Future North since its inception and am passionate about supporting youth in our community. 

Future North changed my trajectory as a youth for the better. Being born and raised in Sudbury, I always knew I wanted to give back to the community that provided me and my family with so much. Future North allowed me to embody that community-mindedness through their mentorship and unwavering support. Rather than abandoning the North as so many youths do, Future North is committed to facing the barriers youth are encountering on every front. They’ve taught me to embrace challenges rather than avoid them; one of the many lessons I’ve learned that I can extend to all aspects of my life. 

Future North has provided me with two jobs, countless unique experiences, and a network of like-minded youth to connect with and become inspired by. Through my involvement over the past four years, my development is a testament to Future North’s role in youth development in our community. By empowering youth, instilling confidence, and having a genuine interest in positive youth outcomes, Future North makes me hopeful for the future of youth in Northern Ontario.