Making a Community Impact as a Valued Youth Through My Role as the Communication Specialist

Feb 14, 2024 | Future North’s Impact, Stories from You

Written by: Jelise Keating, Communication Specialist at Future North

I had worked various jobs and positions in the nonprofit sector, businesses / for profit, and even specialty businesses or stores. After graduating I had a government job and wasn’t thinking about looking for another job. When things were slow I worked other temporary jobs to pass the time until things picked up again and thought everything would be great. Shortly into my employment I was experiencing a lot of discrimination and even racism but thought that it would be solved by the management team. It wasn’t… it only got worse. Working another job only brought me to have a work experience that was more mentally stressful. So I started my job search on indeed and came across Future North, however the job was for an internship position and I had never been an intern before. I immediately thought I would be someone’s assistant and ignored it. I kept applying for other jobs and while going to work in environments that were creating a lot of stress for me every day, twice more the job search Future North came up and I decided to apply. That was the best decision I had ever made! 

Starting in February of 2022 everything had changed. No more micro-managing, no discrimination, no racism, no stress. Everything I thought this position might be was the complete opposite, I had freedom and opportunity for growth I rarely had in previous employment opportunities. Being a part of Future North, even starting as an intern, I saw the changes and connections I was able to make within our community and all the work the team had already done. Youth voices here are valued, not changed or judged. My voice and experience is valued here… Now I get to make small changes in our community for the benefit of youth each and every day and I get to watch them accumulate to collaborative change and growth.