My Internship Experience at Future North

May 2, 2022 | BY YOUTH FOR YOUTH

The Start

  • Pre-application
  • Application
  • Interviews
  • Team meetings
  • Acquaintances

Welcome to my blog about my experience at Future North. This was my first intern experience, and what a great way to kick things off! This all started when my sister sent me an Instagram post about a Business Admin Intern position. At the time I didn’t have many workplace skills, but the opportunity sounded amazing, so I applied! I had never really applied to a job of this caliber before so I was kinda nervous but I submitted my application and hoped for the best. Fast forward a bit and I was now having an interview to join the team! I was ecstatic, finally, I was leaving my job of pouring coffee for something that would give me a truly usable experience.

This job was a huge step in the right direction for my life. Once I got on the team, I got to meet everyone, I had met Nicole and Keanna before in the interviews but meeting the others like Kerry and Aminat was amazing, especially because some of the team was my age. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with the vibe of Future North.

The Work

  • Reels
  • Story/IG posts
  • Blogging

Once I began working, I had started by doing some semi-boring things, sorry Nicole, like spreadsheets and note-taking. However, I had to do stuff like this before so I didn’t hate it, it just wasn’t hitting all my buttons. This all changed when Nicole and Keanna asked me to make some content for Future North. Now, this hit the spot. I started by writing blogs, then I began making Instagram posts/stories, and lastly Instagram reels. I never thought I would like to create content.

Recently I had to index all the content I have made at/for Future North, and we couldn’t believe how much it was! This goes to show how true the saying is, it’s not work if you enjoy doing it. On top of this, I also attended a lot of meetings where Keanna and Nicole would help out the COTN (Culture of the North) group and I got to do some presenting of the COTN slideshow along with Kerry, and with the team.

The Learnings

  • Content Creation
  • Meetings
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork

So, from all this what did I end up learning? My skills in many things have increased exponentially. Before Future North I had only written blogs in school, and those were more like essays if anything. Being at Future North allowed me to write in a creative and free light. Whereas previously I had been constrained to grading requirements.

My skills in Google Sheets also expanded a lot as I had a few projects that required me to use the program. I also learned how to use WordPress site maker/editor and how to push information to its frontend. On top of this, I heavily increased my ability to curate and produce good content. By creating content such as posts, stories, newsletters, and blogs I became a content machine! I learned to easily turn content ideas into fruition. Almost like my content eye had finally awoken.

But those are all hard skills, moving onto the soft skills I learned. I learned a lot about teamwork, time management, and project management. Teamwork was the core of making things work at Future North, the team chats, morning meetings, and team projects not only built my understanding of what it truly means to be a team but also really helped me understand how to build up team connections. Time management was a skill that I had to get much better at with all the things I was doing in life adding on another thing meant it was time to really crunch numbers. The team support while learning these skills was epic!

Lastly the skill of project management. I learned more about this skill by shadowing Nicole and Keanna in their meetings with the COTN team, through this I got to see how project management worked from first-hand experience. An experience like that is invaluable.

The End

  • Future plans for working with the team
  • Thanks for the learnings experience and such
  • Moving on…
  • Farewell

I guess that brings us to the final section, the most dreaded but yet the most exciting. The End. My time at Future North has been amazing and saying I had a good time working here would be an understatement. The learnings, the people, the experience, the struggles, the laughs, all made my internship nothing short of amazing. But all good things must come to an end, right? Well not to a full stop, I believe I will still have the pleasure of working with the team in the future! As we have now made it to the end it is time to say my final goodbyes, but first, let’s talk about the future of Charles Nyabeze.

From here I plan to continue pursuing a career in software engineering, as my course finishes in about 2 months, I also plan on helping the Future North team anywhere I can. Lastly, I want to see if getting this experience here will allow me to be able to secure not only a better position but a better salary too! I will keep everyone updated of course. In closing, Future North, thank you so much for what you’ve taught me. Peace Out.

By: Charles Nyabeze