“THE” charity that is going to help youth in the community

Feb 20, 2024 | Future North’s Impact, Stories from You

Written by: Sophie Delorme (She/Her), Youth Expert Panel member

I’ve been an EP member for 3 years and I’m doing a placement with FN for school.

I’m a grade 12 student at Lo-Ellen Park S.S. I’m going to Laurentian next year into the Behavioural Neuroscience program because I love sciences. I’ve been connected to FN for quite a while now and I learned so many things (such as: how to talk to people, how to help youth, how to make an impact on the community, etc).

Future North has greatly impacted my life since I came here. I learned how to talk to people and cope with my stress. Also, I learned how to make an impact on my community. I am currently working on my own project with them and I love it! I believe FN’s mission is important because they’re not your usual charity, they are THE charity that is going to help youth in the community. That’s why I love working with them.